Warpath (Acoustic)

by Clay McLeod

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Track from the demo for my upcoming studio EP, to be recorded with a 5 piece band. enjoy!


I think i'm starting to figure out
Exactly what i want
It wasn't easy
But now that i've got it in my sights
Nothing's gonna slow me down
I'm on a warpath
For peace with myself
Sometimes you've got to break a few ties
just to find a place where you can
Let it all out

And i won't compromise
Anything in support of this
Grandeur plate of lies
I've been fed all my life
And i'm starting to see it clearer
Than ever before
You won't believe what i've seen
In my mind's eye

A battle is raging
Inside of my veins
Between what i know
And this insatiable need
To discover more
And i'm on a warpath
For open highway
To hear my mothers voice
In the wind rushing past my ears


Bridge- Em, F, C power chords
I'm starting to figure out
I'm starting to figure out
I'm starting to figure out
Where my soul comes from
And its pullin, pullin



released February 27, 2015



all rights reserved