Don't Look Down (Acoustic)

by Clay McLeod

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Track from the demo for my upcoming studio EP, to be recorded with a 5 piece band. enjoy!


You sang your song
We did our dance
How could this have come as a surprise

But when you walked away
Oh with that smile
Something in your footsteps
Set off fireworks inside

It's you
But you'll never know
Oh how could i allow myself
To get any closer

It's you
You're all that i need to see
But god forbid
If you should ever fall in love with me
We'd both be doomed

Stay away
I am a danger to everyone and myself
When my wanderlust is picking up
And i only think about
What is to come
Your poor heart could be
Shattered in the fray


It should be harder than this
To write a song
But you awaken
So much inspiration
How could it be wrong


We are hanging by a thread
So don't look down
Don't look down
I'm in way over my head
Don't look down
Don't look down


released February 27, 2015



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